“Mmechelewa Nyinyi” Night drama as pupils and their parents are locked out of the school for arriving late

Drama was witnessed at White star Academy, after a number of parents were forced to go back home with their children for allegedly arriving late.

The students at the school had break for half-term on November 19 and were expected to report back on November 23 after a wave of unrest hit various institutions with extreme boiling over to fires.

Talking to his Facebook account to confirm the Tuesday night incident, a Facebook user identified as Mark Namaswa claimed that the school watchman had been ordered by the school management not to let any parent along with their children past the scheduled time.

Parents who had travelled across several counties were forced to look for alternative places to stay untill Wednesday morning as the man who stood his grounds refused to open the gate claiming that he was going to lose his job if he does.

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    Written by Paul nyongesa

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