Mithika Linturi: Ruto Will Only Resign Out Of His Will Not Out Of Uhuru’s Pressure

Deputy President William Ruto can ultimately decide to resign from office, but not due to the pressure being piled on him by President Uhuru Kenyatta, one of his allies has said.

Uhuru, in an interview with Senior Editors at State House on Monday, demanded that the DP resigns rather than criticizing a government which he is part of.

He advised the DP to be bold enough to make the hard decision rather than confusing Kenyans by bashing his government but taking credit for its achievements.

Meru Senator Mithika Linturi says that the DP can decide to resign, but only if he decides to do so and not because the president and those close to him want him to.

“Ruto can only resign out of will and goodwill for the country but there is no amount of pressure that can force him to resign,” he told the Citizen TV in an interview on Tuesday.

He added that the DP is not just anyone tbe pushed around as those opposed to him are trying to, reminding them that he is a national figure with supporters across the country.

“The Deputy President is not just an individual, he is an institution,” he added.

Ruto, while speaking in Taita Taveta county on the same day, maintained that he will not resign, in a veiled response to Uhuru.

He said that while those fighting him might feel that he is offending them for seeking to help the ordinary Kenyan by vying for presidency, he is sorry but won’t stand down.

“I could have offended them and I am sorry for that but I do not have the space to retreat and the luxury to surrender,” he said.

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