Missing Dutch Tycoon’s Wife To Be Charged With Murder

Cohen's Widow Sarah Wairimu

The wife of missing Dutch tycoon, Mrs Sarah Wairimu Cohen, is set to face murder charges following the mysterious disappearance of her husband, Tob Cohen.

On Thursday, September 12 2019, the court ordered Sarah Kamotho to undergo a mental assessment before taking a plea after the prosecution team proffered murder charges against her.

According to the prosecution, Sarah Wairimu is alleged to have murdered the Dutch tycoon between the night of July 19 and 20, within Nairobi County. Further the charge sheet noted that, while in the act, Sarah was helped by other parties who are yet to be arraigned in court.

Sarah’s defense team however contested the charge sheet citing the absence of the missing tycoon’s to proof beyond reasonable doubt that indeed Sarah had a hand in his death.

However, the prosecution team maintained that the charge sheet holds even without a body as there are witnesses under state protection in the picture.

The Dutch billionaire was reported to have gone missing without a trace between 19 and 20 of July 2019 from his Kitisuru home in Nairobi County. It is reported that the tycoon and his Kenyan wife had a major fallout about properties worth millions after their nasty divorce.

Two weeks after the tycoon’s disappearance, Sarah is reported to have posted a video on YouTube whose contents are set to be analyzed as part of evidence. In the video, Sarah is said to have accused Cohen of being a chain-smoker, a violent lover and an adult capable of taking care of himself.

Furthermore, its reported that Sarah gave contrasting testimonies on two occasions concerning the whereabouts of her husband. The suspect statements by Sarah led investigators to place her in the middle of the tycoon’s disappearance and now his murder.

Tob’s family led by his sister Gabrielle Van Straten have expressed their doubts concerning Sarah’s role in the disappearance of their kin but say they are hopeful justice will prevail.

The matter will be mentioned next on Monday September, 16.

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    Written by Belindar Momanyi

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