Mischievous Fridah Mwaka talks about her huge boobs; “I am blessed”

In a statement that one would expect from Huddah Monroe or Vera Sidika, former KTN anchor now with ntv Fridah Mwaka showed a naughty side of her that few people even knew existed.


Fridah has always come across as a highly professional and serious anchor whose image which people have of her is that of her giving the day’s Corona virus update, or the best selling stocks on the Nairobi Securities Exchange.


Because of this, few would have expected the show she put on yesterday, and the kind of teasing girl talk which was on full display.


Fridah began by revealing a little known fact about herself, that she’s a singer, in addition to being a journalist. She also went ahead to let it known that she is a cook too, before delving into the cheeky talk that was the highlight of her evening.


This went down on yesterday’s episode of The Trend, hosted by Amina Abdi Rabar, where she interviewed Lofty Matambo and Fridah Mwaka.

The episode was used as an unveiling of sorts to welcome the new duo that has since joined ntv, having moved from KTN.


During the interview, Amina prodded Fridah to talk more about herself as a fashion designer since it’s something that people don’t know about her.


She began narrating her life’s story as a designer, explaining that she started as an apprentice for a lady friend who owned a boutique, and so her work was making garments for the store’s mannequins.


She then said that as she was one day trying on something, an idea came to her. Fridah then broke into a wry smile before gesturing at her boobs and declaring that God has blessed her with some wonderful body parts.


She then went on to explain how she began designing female tops that were spacious in the bosom section so as to accommodate ladies who have a physique such as her’s.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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