Mike Sonko’s wife Primrose comforts daughter Saumu with heartwarming message after viral breakup with senator Loitiptip

Following a dramatic breakup between her daughter and her senator boyfriend that has seen her trend the whole week Saumu Mbuvi’s mother Primrose Mbuvi has reached out to moving netizens.

In a special and encouraging message that displays the mother’s unconditional and endless love, the former governor’s wife shared a heart-warming bible message with her daughter during her hard time.

Accompanying it with a previous photo when her first daughter was pregnant with her first child, Primrose lifted the sprits of Saumu.

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; Isaiah 43:2 @saumu_Mbuvi” reads Primrose Mbuvi’s post.

 This is after the former governor’s daughter took to social media doing an expose of how the senator almost killed her.

“These are the things he did to me. He almost killed me. I will forever fight for women to stand for their rights. Never allow a man to be violent to you.”

The senator confirmed having beaten her once, further revealing the cause of their temporary stay as lovers.

“Yes, but only once, before I knew she is suffering from a mental problem,” he said.

“She has a mental psychiatric problem called bipolar. That’s why we never stayed together. She breaks things, shouts, and loses memory for even a week.

“Imagine, and all the Kenyans and media houses don’t know. I always hide this from people.”

Anwar also revealed that she never got treatment for her beating, and all they went through during the time.

“Call her family members, mine, friends, hospital. Everyone knows she is sick. It’s just you media guys who don’t know, and we opted to hide to safeguard her name, but now she has turned her story to favor her.”

Saumu has since confirmed her state and manages it “I’m okay being bipolar, it’s actually just a plus. Makes me super perfect, I don’t entertain fakeness.”

Anwar further claimed that the problem had affected her past relationships.  “Even before we met, she had that problem, and that’s why all her boyfriends left her. So how can I beat her and we have been dating for barely two years then she gets sick?”

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    Written by Fred Orido




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