Mike Okinyi finds himself in hot soup over misinformation in unbelievable broadcast

Below is a link to the video. Looking at the video now, it appears like Citizen TV’s Mike Okinyi was joking, but at the time, he was actually dead serious. He was reporting back from Tokyo, Japan, to Lilian Muli in studio. He begins by referring to the Ugandan runner Joshua Cheptegei as Joshua Kiptegei. He then goes ahead to claim that the Kapchorwa training camp in Uganda where most of these Ugandan runners have been training at is actually on the Kenyan side of Mount Elgon, and so technically, Kapchorwa is in Kenya. Appearing to be on a roll, he adopts the now popular narrative which rubbishes the Sebei as a complete tribe, and claims that the Ugandan runners are actually from a sub-tribe of the Kalenjins who, they at Royal Media Services, have interviewed many times at Chamge FM, and they speak flawless Kalenjin.

The link to the video is here;

An impressed Lilian Muli ended the broadcast feeling quite happy and patriotic with the good news. However, what followed soon after was a flurry of online activity from angry Ugandans.

The floodgates were opened by one Allan Ssenyonga who complained about the level of inaccuracies within Okinyi’s reporting.

He wrote,

Allan Ssenyonga
Hehehe… @MikeOkinyi needs some geography and history lessons. Served with a rolex. There is no justification for misleading the @citizentvkenya audience so casually like that.

This elicited a string of similar posts from an army of patriotic Ugandans who were clearly riled up by Okinyi’s sentiments. Okinyi, who tried to weather the onslaught from the charged up Ugandans by ignoring them was finally forced to come out of the woods, and claimed that his report was simply just light banter between East African journalists.

He wrote,

“I know Ugandan athletics very well. We normally have banter between ourselves as EA journalists. Go through my timeline to understand it Ssebo. We celebrate uganda wins like our own. Ps: rolex is an abuse to chapati and eggs!!!”

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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