Mic-Drop!!! EPRA Director General Daniel Kiptoo gives it to MPs, and serves it nice and cold

It is a well-known fact that Kenyan MPs have a razor-thin and delicate ego which is as fragile as that of a teenage girl with a pimple on her face. CEOs who appear before them have to pick their words carefully. The slightest sign that you are looking down on them, or have answered them arrogantly and they will chew and spit you out as it recently happened with the Kenya Power team. An interesting scenario presented itself after parliamentarians grilling the young Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority boss asked him about the high fuel levies. How do you tell such people that they’re the ones responsible for passing fuel levies, and that this question should actually be directed to them? The EPRA boss did it in a genius way.

EPRA Director General Daniel Kiptoo was appearing before the National Assembly’s Finance and National Planning Committee when the members asked him about the many fuel taxes, and why such levies are imposed yet they only work to charge Kenyans high prices. On top of that they noted that fuel subsidies had been withdrawn from the month of September, and this was a contributory factor to the steep increase of fuel prices.

Kiptoo’s response was brief, clear and respectful. He said that they too had noted with concern the rise of the already high fuel levies, and their impact on ordinary consumers, and since Parliament was responsible for the charges, they were at the right place.

Neither Gladys Wanga who is the chair of the committee, or any other member for that matter, could find a way to challenge the smooth Director General.

The Finance committee began public hearings with a view to reviewing taxes and levies responsible for the recent price surge.

Kiptoo said the authority has an obligation to publish monthly ceilings whose figures would depend on whether there is a subsidy by the government.

“We provide the numbers after cargoes close on 10th. We are then guided by stabilisation,” he said.
“There is an opportunity to relook the taxes bearing in mind the international market prices and cries by Kenyans.”

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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