Mijungu stops live news to eulogise Robert Soi in long touching flashback

Grief stricken KTN news anchor Ken Mijungu yesterday went out on a limb, veering off script to share an intimate and touching encounter he had with fallen journalist, Robert Soi. Although Mijungu may be the son of one of Kenya’s biggest and most prominent trade unionists, from his heart to heart yesterday it came out that he, just like anybody else, had to tarmac for a job after college. Mijungu said that after graduating, he marched into the I and M building as a young jobless man to seek for employment at KTN.


He said that just before getting into the lift, he met Robert Soi. Refusing to be cowed or intimidated by the presence of the top journalist, he went ahead and told him he wanted a job at KTN, and asked for his help. Mijungu said that they got in the lift together, and Robert Soi escorted him up to the floor he was going as they spoke.


He said that unfortunately that day didn’t go well, and he never got the job. Nevertheless, that was just the beginning of their paths crossing. When Mijungu was employed as one among the first bunch of Kenyan journalists to work at CCTV Africa, again he met with Robert Soi. This time Soi was his boss.


Mijungu said that Soi was a boss like no other. He was so passionate when it came to the working conditions of his staff, and was alert to any allegations of anyone undergoing mistreatment by any officers of the foreign based channel.
”Whenever we went out to the field to collect news, he would always call to check up on us. He would enquire if everything was okay, and whether we were being given trouble by anyone out there” Mijungu said, concluding that his departed colleague was an exceptional individual.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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