Miguna tears apart caring sympathiser who pleaded with him to take it easy for his own safety

It now appears that Dr. Miguna Miguna, popularly known as the General, might only understand the language of tough love, and any sentimental mushy show of care directed towards him is likely to be thrown back in to your face. A caring supporter who tried to sympathise with him learned this the hard way after the general tore him apart publicly, perhaps living the poor fellow perplexed over what had just happened.

It all started with what appeared to be a not only harmless, but also innocent, and well-meaning kind gesture from a follower going by the names Manyak Singh.
Seeking to prevail upon Miguna Miguna to perhaps turn down his antics a notch, Singh began by praising him for his fearlessness and courage in honesty, and always telling the truth. He however tried to persuade him to take it easy, wondering if he felt like he hadn’t suffered enough thus far. His tweet read,

mayank singh
Replying to @MigunaMiguna @MukhwanaO and 2 others
Generali You may say the truth uttering it in a rage but Kenya is Kenya haven’t you suffered enough at their hands? Though the later generations might remember you as a revolutionary firebrand

To everybody’s shock and consternation, Miguna came out swinging as if he was responding to a bitter critic, or a sworn enemy.

He praised himself for his courage, declaring that fear was an element that is foreign to him, and one which he doesn’t tolerate. Going further on, he just fell short of calling Manyak a coward, declaring that anyone who is a coward should stay completely away from his Twitter timeline. He wrote,

Dr. Miguna MMigun
The struggle for justice is my commitment until the end. The struggle for justice requires sacrifices, even of one’s life, which I have been, and still, prepared to give. If you are a coward, please stay away from me or my TL. Fear is NOT part of my DNA. #UhuruMustFall

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