Miguna reveals how incredible confusion among commandos saved his life during raid

Illegally exiled Kenyan-Canadian lawyer Dr. Miguna Miguna revealed previously unknown information about the day on which people who he described as a hit squad laid siege to his house, forcefully arrested him and afterwards, deported him. Miguna claims that a last minute unexpected occurrence threw the heavily armed commandos into confusion, and this was the only thing that saved his life that day.

Miguna Miguna was speaking this while appearing on KTN’s NewsLine which was hosted by Ken Mijungu yesterday night. The fiery lawyer was joining in on the show from his current home of Canada.

Miguna sensationally claimed that during the February 2018 incident, the original plan wasn’t even to arrest him but, in fact, to abduct him, take him to an unspecified location and eliminate him. Luckily for him, he said he was able to get information about the nefarious plan from his own sources and notified the world right in time.

He narrated that as the hit squad struggled to breach the perimeters of his house and gain access, they were dismayed to learn that their plan had already been exposed, and so they, frustrated, began the process of looking for a plan B.

Apparently, the plan to abduct him and deport him wasn’t the original plan but, as a matter of fact, a plan B. They found themselves in a sticky position since they had already begun the process of invading his house and couldn’t stop midway, yet they had already been exposed to the world.

In the stormy interview which almost grinded to a halt due to the persistent clashes between Miguna and his host, the exiled lawyer declined to refer to what happened to him as deportation. He made it clear that he has always been, and remains a Kenyan citizen, and there’s no way a government can deport its own citizen. He maintained that what happened to him was a string of criminal offenses which entailed his abduction, sedating and forceful transfer to another country.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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