Miguna Miguna surfaces with controversial poll and prediction of 2022 elections

Miguna Miguna surfaces with questionable poll on how 2022 elections will play out, dismisses DP Ruto, Raila and Uhuru allies
National Resistance Movement leader Miguna Miguna at Jomo kenyatta airport ./EZEKIEL AMINGÁ

Self-declared NRM general Miguna Miguna has caused a stir on social media with the release of his opinion poll showing how 2022 elections is likely to play out.

In what is now a familiar script, Miguna refereed to his political opponents in derogatory terms.

The exiled opposition activist started off by dismissing all other polls as fake before releasing his version of what he belies is a true reflection of the situation on the ground writing:

“FAKE “professor” Mutahi Ngunyi and the NIS are publishing FAKE opinion POLLS. Conman Raila Odinga will go to zero as the Ruaraka Land Thief Fred Matiang’i‘s and KANU premature baby Gideon K. Moi‘s fictional popularity continues to rise. Raila must now learn the TRUE meaning of BETRAYAL. #UhuruMustFall #RevolutionNow

In a piece posted on his social media platforms, the deported opposition activist wrote:


Freedom Fighters – 18,560,240

Dr. William Samoei Ruto – 5,730,000

Conman Raila Odinga – 123,000

Uhuru’s Favourite Pet Gideon K. Moi – 13

Ruaraka Land Thief Fred Matiang’i – 2

The Youth of Kenya, ARISE!

You have nothing to lose but your misery!”

Comments came in thick and fast with netizens weighing on the analysis as captured in the comments below:

Hassan mwana wa Ali: Open the server we confirm!

Other questioned the credibility of his poll writing:

Mosoti Oseko: Very far in Canada. How did you get the statistics. Matiangi has two…presumably his and wife. You are really petty. You don’t deserve to be a barrister.

Some fired him on, urging him to register a party and actualize his political ambitions.

Miguna Miguna
Miguna Miguna

Pitah Komu: General Dr. Miguna Miguna when are we registering our Official New Party winning party Kenyan Freedom Fighters Revolutionists Party? We need to start Mobilizing as early as Today before The Sun goes to rest

Erick Miko: This is why anyone in their right state of mind cannot, and will never take you serious. Anyway, just continue entertaining us, sir.

Others reminded him of past events and called him out to explain when his change of heart occurred and what may have made it possible.

Panian Senior Kasaine: Bro this is your post in 2018

“Between July 2017 to the present, Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto have murdered more than 380 innocent civilians in cold blood,end of quotation. How comes today you are yapping claiming Ruto is a Revolutionary??talk sense. Hii mouthing na kiherehere yako tumezoea.

Shadrack Biwott: Dr. Miguna Miguna when you were illegally sent into exile and deported incommunicado, many activists questioned Matiangi and protested against his actions. DP William Ruto came in and said ‘wachana na Matiangi, anafanya tu kazi yake’. What happened since then General?

Joel Opapa: Thank you for telling us your preferred candidate after denying severally

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