Miguna Miguna speaks on how Raila betrayed him after he declined to endorse NASA principals

Kenyan-born Canadian exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna has taken on ODM leader Raila Odinga attacking him for taking credit for his mock swearing-in as the people’s president at Uhuru Park.

Taking to his official Twitter handle, the former NRM general accused Odinga of betrayal to the team, and especially the 5-star general who saw the whole process a success.

The oath process later saw Miguna Miguna then a movement general deported and exiled back to Canada where he currently lives, with his Kenyan Citizenship canceled.

“@RailaOdinga boasts of having taken the OATH as the people’s President and chastises @skmusyoka,@Wetangula, and MusaliaMudavadi for hiding during the ceremony. However, Raila refuses to admit that he betrayed the 5-Star General who swore him.” Tweeted Miguna Miguna.

His attempts to get back to his mother country Kenya are constantly thwarted with red alerts on him, and court orders in his favor not honored.

This is after Raila answered the calls of endorsing one of the three NASA principals to take a short at the Presidency come 2022 as part of his political debt.

Accusing them of cowardice, Odinga blatantly refused that not any of them will have his blessings on the race, following their action on the oath-taking day.

“When we were going for the swearing-in, in Nairobi they refused. They switched off their phones and they were shivering due to fear. They now want me to give them the mantle by supporting them,” he said.

He added: “Can I give them the mantle? I won’t give them because they demonstrated their cowardice.”

This saw Kalonzo tackle the former premier at a church service in Ukambani, stating that he does not need his endorsement for Presidency but only God’s, adding that he does not believe in political debts.

“If he continues, we’ll expose him. I am telling Kenyans that I don’t need anybody’s endorsement. I only need God to endorse me,” he said. And Mudavadi, through his spokesman Kibisu Kabatesi, said Raila’s statement was unfortunate “and reeks of indefensible deceit”.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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