Miguna accidentally reveals the surveillance he carried out on Raila while still his advisor

Illegally exiled Kenyan-Canadian lawyer Dr. Miguna Miguna is a man who believes in openness, transparency, and doing things above board. From his past utterances, he bitterly hates sneaky conduct or furtive operations. Yet interestingly, in a confrontational face-off, the fiery lawyer admitted to spying on Raila Odinga. Incidentally, this happened at a time when Rt. Hon. Raila was still the Prime Minister, and Miguna Miguna was still serving as his advisor. It was a surveillance operation that apparently took Miguna up to the German city of Madgeburg.

All this emerged following Miguna Miguna’s feisty response to a user named Dr. John Njenga Karugia who had praised the Orange Democratic Movement party leader for his having studied abroad, and his grasp of the German language. Dr. Karugia wrote,

Dr. John Njenga Karugia PhD.
Kenyan statesman Raila Odinga studied in Germany in the city of Magdeburg, at Technical University of Magdeburg which became Otto-von-Guericke University. He studied a degree in ‘Maschinenbau’ i.e machine engineering i.e. mechanical engineering. Raila speaks German fluently.

A combative Miguna who appeared to just be waiting on the wings, swiftly jumped on the tweet in complete opposition of what had been said. He claimed that back in 2009 he made a trip to the mentioned university and made enquiries concerning Raila’s academic history at the school but couldn’t find any evidence that the former Prime Minister had graduated there. He wrote,

Dr. Miguna Miguna
@MigunaMiguna Chief: I visited the Registrar’s Office at the Otto-von-Guericke University in 2009 and searched for any credible evidence that Conman @RailaOdinga graduated with a degree – any degree – but there were only records of him having attended two African students’ music festivals.

In March 2009, Miguna was appointed as Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s senior adviser on coalition affairs and concurrently served alongside Kivutha Kibwana as the Joint-secretary to the Permanent Committee on the Management of the Grand Coalition Affairs. In August 2011, he was accused of gross misconduct and was thereby suspended without pay. The suspension was lifted on 29 December 2011 but Miguna rejected his reinstatement.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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