Mercy Masika admits to firing her husband in bombshell revelation

At a time when the Kenyan music gospel industry is undergoing many trials and tribulations, with the latest major incident being the shocking news of celebrated singer Daddy Owen’s divorce from his wife, Mercy Masika has just made a startling confession that is likely to hit the gospel community like a thunderbolt.

The renown vocalist, popular for her hit song Mwema, married her pastor husband David Muguro who has also doubled up as her manager, back in 2008, just a year after they had met, and their love story has inspired many.

However, speaking on Switch TV’s interactive show Chatspot where she was hosted by Nana Owiti, and rapper Tracey Kush, Mercy came out to reveal that it has not always been rosy between the two of them, and that in the past, she fired her husband, David, regularly as her manager.
She nevertheless went on to admit that these teething problems have built the character of their marriage into a stronger union to the point that they even give advice to young couples and newly weds through their program titled “Couples and Money”. They advise couples on how to maintain a healthy relationship within a financially secure space.

The couple has never been shy of sharing their checkered love life. In the past, Mercy has spoken about their marriage saying,
“Our vision was to get married, have kids and serve God. The best thing about marriage is when you’re able to work together in purpose, where you seek God together. Things were tough during their first days of marriage.”

David added at the time, saying, “We had a big issue because I would argue with her. I would get angry but didn’t want to get angrier because I had vowed to God that I would never raise a finger towards my wife. so I would stop and assume it never happened which I learnt later was suicide – slow puncture. If I had continued with that it would have erupted in on way or another I thank God for being in Christ because when she went for counseling she actually helped me understand what it was.”

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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