Media wars; leading media house takes shots at Standard Newspaper’s new look

Although media houses are known to stick together whenever one of them is under attack from the government, it is also an industry that is well known for its cutthroat competition.


It is a common feature to see one station raid a fellow station’s newsroom and poach all the major and senior anchors.


The most recent and well known raid is when Royal Media Group, not so long ago, went to Kimathi Street and Mombasa Road for a shopping spree, and got out having plucked all the major anchors from Nation Media Group and Standard Group. They included Joe Ageyo, Linus Kaikai, Jamila Mohammed, Yvonne Okwara and Victoria Rubadiri.


However, now a new kind of rivalry seems to be simmering beneath the surface, between two of the most unlikely of foes. This is after the national broadcaster, KBC, took a shot at The Standard’s new look.


Last week, one of the country’s biggest newspapers, The Standard, unveiled a new look for the daily. It has been causing waves across the country, with different people giving their take about the new look, and what they think about it.


Yesterday, during KBC’s morning show, Good Morning Kenya, the show’s hosts began, as is the tradition, with The Newspaper Review.


However, the show’s lead presenter, Ray Manyara, made a curious comment. Taking a look at The Standard, before reading the headline, she dismissively said that the newspaper doesn’t look Kenyan at all anymore, but instead looks British.


Of worth noting is that The Standard Group has itself been promoting the Newspaper’s new look, hailing it as appealing, and visibly refreshing.


KBC and the Standard Group have a history that spans across decades, starting from the early nineties, when the company launched into broadcasting.


Although, at the time, KTN was considered as an alternative to KBC since it was the only other station, it didn’t veer far from the government preferred script as it feared victimisation from the autocratic KANU regime.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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