Mbadi’s Issues Ruthless Rebuttal To Itumbi Over Allegations That Mbita-Sindo Road Was Corruptly Tendered

It began with a story in the People Daily done by one Mosoku where he claimed taxpayers may lose about Sh500 million after a roads agency bypassed four firms to award a contract to the fifth lowest bidder.

The Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA) signed the deal with China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) for about Sh2.9 billion when the lowest bidder had quoted Sh2.4 billion.

A total of 20 firms had bid for the contract with Chinese firm Chongqing International Construction Corporation emerging the lowest evaluated bidder at Sh2,469,411,261.05

The difference between the least evaluated firm and the one awarded the tender is Sh463.8 million.

Deputy President William Ruto’s acolyte Denis Itumbi retweeted the Story adding that Raila Odinga’s lieutenants were corrupt. This prompted Mbadi to issue a strong rebuttal through his social media pages. He wrote:

“Socrates spoke like an oracle when he opined that, “when the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers…”

Detractors, busybodies and naysayers are at it again with their fangs that ooze nothing but innuendos and conjectures. The Mbita-sindo-Magunga-Sori road project is one that is very close to my heart. There is no denying that it has been a major issue which has gnawed at the heart of Suba and Homa-bay at large for a couple of years.

Now that a contractor has been awarded the bid and work is about to commence, enemies of progress are conjuring malicious propaganda to clothe the project in a cloud of graft citing corruption in the tendering process.

I have had a clean sheet as a Lawmaker serving his third term because truth is my currency. The project attracted 20 bidders. The lowest bidder was Chongqing with sh2.4 billion and logically, having met the laid down prerequisites, they were awarded the tender on the 27th of January. On 7th of February, they reverted asking for more time and wrote back on the 19th of February declining the offer where they cited a myriad of issues ranging from the effects of Corona to other issues. It is pertinent to add that this has seen them currently embroiled in a legal tussle with the government which is claiming a bid bond after the company flouted bidding rules.

Logically, KERRA had to evaluate the other bidders with low offers but who have the wherewithal to handle the project. The second lowest bidder had not complied with a few things  including tax compliance ; the third was disqualified on lack of experience to handle a project of such magnitude. The 4th (Sino hydro) was dismissed because the contract sited that the winning contractor should not have other projects of more than sh10billion.

The 5th lowest bidder was China Civil and having met the requirements, were awarded the project. Running amok with misinformation for political clout is myopic and an affront to development that we all seek as a Nation. It is common knowledge that there are relevant bodies that vet the procedures of these projects and we are not an exception. It thus beats me why acolytes of Tanga Tanga politicians like Itumbi are tweeting balderdash in a fickle attempt to rabble rouse the masses. They say when a dog is barking, look for its Lord.

I have reliable information that one of the contractors who lost the bid fairly because of incapacity, has links to Jubilee B and are touted to have built a renowned house in Eldoret are fighting back. I am also well aware of their Gwasii link and if they continue in this misleading trajectory, I will be forced to expose them.

This is just a coordinated attack on those deemed to be in the close circles of Raila Odinga so as to paint them as venal and corrupt. They made attempts already by tying Hon. Junet to NYS scandal, they have now aimed their arsenal of slander at me and we are aware they are also plotting against Gov. Joho and Hon. Wanga.

This project was sabotaged during Jubilee’s first tenure and thanks to the handshake the project is back on course. The tender has been awarded, the road will be constructed. In case of queries, relevant authorities are there to allay these concerns but petty politics being injected in such a noble project that will benefit my people will not be tolerated. Not when I am alive, So, label me corrupt or otherwise, the project is unstoppable. Take that to the bank.”

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    Written by Paulette Gweth

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