Mbadi’s candid confession; it’s true my constituency has no single inch of tarmacked road.

ODM Chairman and Suba South member of parliament John Mbadi, in a rare show of honesty, admitted to something that very few MPs in Kenya would. In confession to a surprising thing that most Kenyans didn’t even know before he himself exposed it, Mbadi conceded that indeed, it was actually accurate that his Suba South constituency didn’t have even one inch of tarmacked road.

He however hastened to add that as for now, construction was underway, and soon, his area would be boasting of, not just a tarmacked road, but a well tarmacked road as well.

His admission was preceded by the ongoing contentious debate about degrees, and whether or not it’s a good thing for leaders to be forced to hold a degree before they can contest for such seats.

He was appearing on NTV alongside Rigathi Gachagua in a show hosted by James Smart.

Mbadi proceeded to narrate a story about a member of parliament who he didn’t name. He said that the MP was very bitter with him due to his stand on degrees. It wasn’t until later that Mbadi came to realise the MP’s bitterness arose from him not having a degree. The unnamed MP sent Mbadi a text message which attacked the National Assembly majority leader, telling him that his calls for leaders to have degrees was just hot air because a certain MP from Rift Valley (who Mbadi also refused to name, but is most likely Oscar Sudi) who has no degree has ensured his constituency is full of tarmacked roads, yet Mbadi, with his degree, had no tarmacked road in his area.

Mbadi went ahead to admit to this, but said that it wasn’t the work of an MP to construct roads. He said that despite this, he had gone beyond the call of duty to try and lobby the central government to build a road in his area, but the government had refused due to political reasons. Insisting that the work of an MP was to legislate, and also oversight roles, he said that nevertheless, he had successfully lobbied for the road, and it was now underway in terms of construction.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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