Mbadi settles the question of whether Raila-Ruto can work together once and for all

For the last couple of weeks, one persistent question that has become a favourite among journalists and political pundits is whether there’s a possibility of William Ruto and Raila Odinga working together.


Whenever a member of either ODM or the tanga tanga faction of Jubilee is in a press conference, this is an issue that is certain to come up. Just as recently as yesterday, when DP was speaking on Radio Citizen’s morning show which interviewed him live from his Karen residence in an hour plus long conversation with Citizen’s Vincent Ateya as the host, the issue came up.


However, yesterday, just hours after Ruto’s interview, ODM Chairman John Mbadi was hosted on KTN’s top political show Crossfire which is hosted by journalist Sophia Wanuna.

In the late night show, Mbadi was appearing virtually on the show alongside Kikuyu legislator Kimani Ichungwa and Nairobi Senator Johnstone Sakaja who were in the studio.
As the interview progressed, the panel grinded down to the issue of the newly formed coalition, The One Kenya Alliance, and the possible after effects of the formation.
After Sakaja insinuated that in fact the DP’s camp and Raila were already in talks, Sophia Wanuna used the chance to put it bluntly to John Mbadi, asking him whether or not a re-union between Raila Odinga and William Ruto was in the works.


With a tone of finality that definitely sort to put the issue to rest once and for all, Mbadi spoke unequivocally, stating that ODM was in no way seeking to partner with anyone at the moment, and was, as a matter of fact, concerned with more pressing issues.


During the Ruto interview, while not giving an outright no or yes, Ruto revisited an earlier exposition he had given while expounding on his economic model plan; a bottoms up approach that entails empowering the poor so that their financial growth can expand and finally reach the rich.
He said that he was open to work with anyone, as long as that person was willing to support his economic, social and political aspirations which he believes can help Kenyans.
This was essentially a subtle no as it basically meant that he could only work with Raila if he agrees to support him.[0]=AT3hpp4iW-Jcvt2ftopkea7ka3F6OKRpnyEwWMF1jxkFlZFuIbior5_3FKZ4tWhLxVNvuiNEZhpPKMVgjM_E4FtbqUwAzbpDO7qKF79GGYniTdR_DW1CuAEjaafDBLNNkpIF3Knae6rjWow3Bvyror4JhjlFztyqQ8zuLbChIGhr93A

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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