Mbadi says he shared slogan with Uhuru, only to hear it with Musalia’s team yesterday

ODM Chairman John Mbadi has thrown a new twist to the ODM-One Kenya saga by claiming improper acquisition on the part of Musalia’s team, and implying that this might have been facilitated by the president.

John Mbadi was speaking only hours after Musalia’s team had a presser of their own where they, among other things, reiterated their unity pact, unveiled a new name for their group and castigated ODM over what they perceived as hostile and provocative actions.

Mbadi was speaking yesterday night on KTN’s top political show Crossfire which is hosted by Sophia Wanuna.

Following the day’s back and forth which comprised of Musalia, and his new political partners holding a presser to castigate ODM, and ODM, in a subsequent press release blasting the nascent alliance, Sophia Wanuna sought Mbadi’s views on the new alliance which has christened itself the One Kenya Alliance.

Before John Mbadi even answered the question, he began by giving a short story, saying that a while back he was in a meeting with Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga to deliberate on how to proceed with the BBI process, when he happened to propose that the process should adopt the mantra “One Kenya”, something that both Raila and the president appeared impressed with.

According to Mbadi’s account, the matter never came up ever again until yesterday when he was shocked to hear Musalia, Kalonzo, and their partners present themselves as the One Kenya Alliance.

Although he said he didn’t take offense at this, he said that he only wished the four would have been honest and transparent enough to admit to the fact that the name they’re using isn’t of their own creation, but an idea borrowed from him.

What will be interesting to note, however, is that, though the Suba MP imputes treachery on the whole issue, he leaves it to the imagination of people to figure out who might have caused the treachery.

He maintains that he only shared his idea with two people, Raila and Uhuru, and somehow, the idea reached Musalia and Co.[0]=AT0hlLKjznHBADqV7EDFH7U38_biEN0o0YRERz7FJP55ocBXQMvxMRciES-qKCZq8xh_VGc0GaN4nBXM4fECbgFnttD6V18LYQHU0fPvgsTvB1XadV-YrIqd4JGEu44vxVftrbp4YsVGyvEZ3LwsVu1vIOIqsA65y4AF1Zl2rdWEfkk

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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