Matsanga claims Kenyan taxpayers money was used to campaign for Karim Khan

Controversial lawyer and top ICC critic David Matsanga appears to have thrown caution to the wind. Matsanga who has been detained in the past following orders from the international court for interfering with investigations, is now revealing secret details about the ICC, and DP William Ruto. The Ugandan self-exiled dissident, who was once the DP’s biggest defender, has become his sworn enemy, and accused him of hurting him by betraying him painfully. This was after Ruto’s forging of a close relationship with Matsanga’s persecutor, Ugandan president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.


As the fallout between the president and his deputy worsens by the day, more and more details concerning some of the questionable dealings they may have been involved in are now coming to light, and the Matsanga revelation is only just the latest.

Matsanga was speaking on K24’s weekly show Punchline which is hosted by Debarl Ainea. While he was joining in by way of video, those in the studio included former National Assembly Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim, and Nandi County Assembly Speaker Joshua Kiptoo.


Matsanga disclosed that in the run-up to the appointment of the International Criminal Court’s new prosecutor, the front-runner, and favourite to succeed the previous prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, was a candidate from Spain, who appeared to have the blessings of the European countries. However, according to Matsanga, African countries coalesced behind Karim Khan, who was formerly in the defense team of DP Ruto during his trial at the ICC. Matsanga went on to assert that this push by African countries was not only planned and coordinated, but also led, by Kenya.

Matsanga went on to drop names of the Deputy President’s associates, claiming that they indeed had financial dealings with Paul Gicheru.

Paul Gicheru is a Kenyan lawyer who had an arrest warrant issued against him. He was being sought by the Hague based court on allegations of witness tampering. He handed himself in last year after voluntarily taking a trip to The Netherlands.

Matsanga now claims that not only did Gicheru have dealings with a DP associate named Kimaiyo, but that also Meshack Yebei’s widow plans to confess against Gicheru in the forthcoming hearings.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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