Matiang’I takes a swipe at Nigeria, and promises that we’ll never be like them

While he may be the Cabinet Secretary in charge of interior, Dr. Fred Matiang’i was yesterday all about the exterior, as he went after the Nigerian government in a ridiculing and mocking verbal attack.

Matiang’I has in the past been known to focus his anger and temper on Public Administration heads who he deems to have either been lax as far as their duties are concerned, or altogether absconded them.

Without openly mentioning names, Matiang’I said that some of those crazy things happening in other countries such as switching off Twitter would not happen here.

Worth noting is that Nigeria recently switched off the popular networking site following a disagreement with the president.

“…we will not do things like switching off internet, it will not happen here.. we will not harass people but because we are confident, we will act according to the law and call people to account,” he said.

“To those who break the law, we will arrange a good meeting between you and the law. Any threats to the vision of Kenya should me met with the full force of law.. ”
Matiang’i said the security agencies will do their part ahead of the elections.
“I want to assure the country that we will do our part and role.. this country is a democracy. We are a democracy by choice and it was not imposed on us,” he said.
“We will uphold individual and collective freedoms.. and freedom of speech..”

Speaking at the Bomas of Kenya during the launch of NCIC strategic plan, Matiang’i said the security sector will do its part to protect Kenya ahead of the elections.

“However, we will be very ruthless when it comes to those who interfere with others’ freedoms…we will not hesitate or be intimidated by pressures or complaints from anybody. We will protect Kenya,” he said.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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