Matiangi Reveals The Layers Of Security Enjoyed By DP Ruto

It has been revealed that the Deputy President William Ruto is one of the most heavily protected person second in command to the president of Kenya compared to previous office holders, a security detail that extends to his properties and businesses.

In a statement by the Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiang’i to the parliamentary committee on National security, it has been revealed that DP William Ruto enjoys protection from the Presidential escort team, General Service Unit (GSU) and the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI).

The Deputy President has a total number of 257 security personnel that look after him.

This security detail is divided into three layers.

The Inner layer has 85 officers picked from the presidential escort, GSU and DCI.

Out of these, 74 are a presidential escort, 5 highly trained GSU and 6 DCI.

In the second layer, there are 121 highly trained officers.

The remaining number constitutes the third layer, well known as the auxiliary layer. This is in charge of DP’s other active life, including his businesses and areas where he is likely to spend more time.

CS Fred Matiangi says this is sufficient security to the office of DP. In the statement, CS Matiangi said he was not aware of anything that has come close to threatening the security of the deputy president.

“This is a matter of national pride and image of the country… we are not a bunch of jokers,” he said.

On the recent events surrounding the DP’s security detail, the CS insists there was no withdrawal but rather rearrangement of the second layer of security, which did not affect the first layer of DP’s security.

This, he said, was done after serious consultation by the National Security Council which were guided by the Security Standing Orders and emergent security considerations.

The statement reaffirmed that reassignment of duties to officers is a normal routine exercise meant to enhance efficiency.

He also noted that the Deputy President’s office and residences were not part of the places designated in law as protected areas.

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