Matiang’I makes clearest indication so far that he will be on the ballot.

Prior to Interior CS Dr. Fred Matiang’I’s statement in Isinya yesterday, it has for a while now been a matter for political fodder and speculation that the former university lecturer may be gunning for political office come 2022. With the deadline for State Officers who have political ambitions to resign from their posts fast approaching, and scheduled for early next year, Dr. Matiang’I just fell short of making his political road plan public.

While his purview as Interior CS lies in matters of administration, and by extension, coordination, following Uhuru’s executive order which added to his portfolio, Matiang’I took a conspicuous role after he began discussing issues of Energy which are clearly not within his scope.

In the speech which was laden with political undertones, Matiang’I announced that the government would soon institute downward fuel-price changes, and would also reduce the cost of electricity.
Matiang’i spoke on Sunday in Isinya, Kajiado county during a fund drive for the construction of the Seventh day Adventist church South Nairobi-Kajiado branch headquarters.

The CS said the Government will implement the proposed reforms on KPLC by a task force appointed by the President in March this year.

The taskforce chaired by John Ngumi presented its report to the President on Wednesday. In the report, the taskforce proposed an overhaul of the KPLC to be supervised by the Cabinet and are view of the Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) between KPLC and private firms.

“The Government will expand the recommendations of the taskforce to undertake a wider review and overhaul of the entire energy sector,” Matiang’i said.

“In the coming weeks, we will launch an aggressive program to address the challenges in the energy sector. We are certain that the prices of fuel will not only come down but even the bills and the costs of electricity we are paying will come down.”

He said the high cost of power was affecting the county’s competitiveness in attracting local and foreign investments and also frustrating businesses’ profitability.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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