Masten Wanjala’s Father Says He’s Not Interested In Seeing His Late Son

Father of the lynched serial killer Masten Wanjala revealed that he is not interested in seeing his dead after he confessed of killing 13 children.

The father, Robert Wanjala, also said he wanted to know how his son escaped from prison days before he was killed by the mob at their home in Bungoma.

“I am surprised to learn of my son’s escape from jail. How did he escape? The police need to explain how he managed to do so. I have not seen him and I am not interested in seeing him,” he said as reported by a local daily.

Masten was killed at his home in Mukhweya, Bungoma County after a mob dragged him out of his house and beat him to death in his home compound.

His death caome two days after he escape from police custody in Jogoo Road Police Station under unclear circumstance.

Wanjala was arrested in July this year after he demanded a ransom from one of his victim’s parents. After the arrest he reportedly confessed to the police that he killed 12 children in a four-year period in various regions in the country.

He revealed that he lured his victim to their death traps by pretending to be a football coach. He also told the police that he dumped the bodies of the children in various places. So far only five bodies of his victims have been recovered by the police.

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    Written by George Okello

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