Masawe reveals how a political gang and a baby made her quit Radio Simba

Radio Jambo heartthrob and host of the popular midday weekday show Deadbeat, Masawe Japani, has now revealed what led her to resign from her earlier job at Radio Simba, and it all has to do with politics, a newly born small innocent baby, and terrifying, heart-wrenching violence.

The half Tanzanian beauty who is married to Standard Group radio boss Tom Japani, revealed this, and in the process, revealed one of the most widely speculated reasons surrounding her departure.


Masawe was speaking during her show, Bustani La Masawe, which airs every weekday, when she shared with her listeners, and her co-host, Tina Masika, a journey down memory lane.


She had just played Ladies Choice, the hit song by the late Kenyan ragga singer Mighty King Kong, when she said that in her opinion, the singer had not gotten a befitting send-off after his death, and it all had to do with the period in which he died. She said that he died at a terrible time which was 2007 when the country was in turmoil due to the unease before the elections, and the unrest afterwards.


She then disclosed that at the time, she was working with Radio Simba, and that the station happened to be located near a slum.


Masawe went on to reveal that during that period, running battles were all over in the unrest that was ensuing across the country. One morning as she was going to work, the company vehicle ran into a group of rowdy supporters of one of the major political parties at the time.

Although she came out of the experience unscathed, and wasn’t hurt in any way, this was a wake-up call for her. She had at the time just given birth to a small child, and she didn’t want to jeopardise her life by knowingly putting herself in the line of fire.

She resigned for her own safety afterwards, and concentrated on raising her child.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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