Martha Karua takes on President Uhuru over BBI with scathing remarks [Video]

Narc Kenya Party leader Martha Karua has hit out at President Uhuru Kenyatta and the Building Bridges Initiative team condemning their action and intention of amending the 2010 constitution through the bill.

Speaking at a press conference earlier today in the company of Linda Katiba initiative, Karua said that the BBI was meant to overthrow the 2010 constitution.

The former Gichugu legislator also alluded that President Kenyatta was inclined to stick to power after the elapse of his tenure in 2022.

“We know constitutions exist to limit the power a president or anybody in authority may exercise. This (BBI) is a coup and you will realize in the present time, military coups are not fashionable. So coups of overthrowing the constitution appear to be the in thing,” Karua lamented.

The former Constitutional affairs minister also alleged that the document was not inclined to amend the constitution but rather to overhaul it, since out of the 18 chapters in the constitution, 14 were being amended.

Citing bribery, threats, and intimidation to the Members of the County Assembly, Martha continued that President Kenyatta had laid bare his intentions.   

We have seen MCAs getting bribed, being intimidated and we have seen the Baringo MCAs, the ones who voted no, going under investigations writing statements with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations,” she stated.

Martha also noted that through the parliament, the ruling outfit had passed a number of unconstitutional laws that had finally been axed through the courts.

She also reiterated that the forthcoming 2022 polls would not be free and fair if the Country continues in the same trajectory.

“If we stand silent and do nothing, we will not have elections as we know them in 2022. The President will succeed himself or the administration succeed itself. The ‘big boys’ from the 5 major tribes in Kenya will ‘eat’ on behalf of their tribes,” she stated.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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