Maraga bombshell; former CJ alludes to Koome accepting the deal he rejected from Uhuru.

Perhaps now buoyed by the fact that he’s no longer in office and so not tied by the code of conduct ethical requirements that come with the office of the Chief Justice, former CJ David Maraga is now spilling the beans on his dealings with State House, and the mischief that the president has been involved in. In a major revelation, the former CJ disclosed that he had been given the names of the allegedly stained Judges, and the names were not those of Judge Joel Ngugi, Justice Odunga, and the four others.

During his tenure as the Chief Justice, David Maraga had made it exceedingly clear that the president had no option of cherry picking the names forwarded to him, and that he either appointed all the Judges or non at all.

And perhaps in the clearest allusion to the political intrigues that were taking place behind the scenes, Maraga has now disclosed that the names of the Judges who the president claimed had been compromised were revealed to him. Without clearly declaring that he turned down the offer to not swear in the apparently criminal Judges, Maraga hinted at it, saying that the president has no power to decide who to pick and who not to pick from the list.

Avoiding a direct assault, or criticism of his successor, Maraga declined to comment on the performance of the current CJ so far, simply saying that he wasn’t going to be led into lecturing Martha Koome on how to do her job.

In the hard-hitting exclusive interview that was given to ktn News, and conducted by Sophia Wanuna, Maraga also hit out at the opposition, accusing them of complicity.

The goodwill and support that the CJ received from the opposition in the aftermath of his nullification of the 2017 polls appeared to provide him with much needed mettle and protection, and in confirmation of this, Maraga said that the opposition’s cooperation with the government is what has given the president the audacity to do whatever he was doing.

He said he was going to remember Uhuru as a president who had no respect whatsoever for the rule of law.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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