Man claims that Sonko’s wife is desperate to leave him but can’t because of the recording he has of her

A man has now come out to sensationally claim that Sonko’s wife, Primrose Mbuvi, would love to leave her husband Mike Mbuvi Sonko but is afraid of the series of potentially embarrassing and demeaning videos that he has of her.

This comes in the backdrop of Sonko’s exposé which revealed a woman who showed her boobs to the former city governor.

As Sonko continued to post his exposé about the judiciary which he has christened, The Sonko Leaks, he came under fire from a section of netizens who criticised him for treachery and lack of honour by always recording others.

Among the string of tweets on his Twitter handle was one specific and disturbing one from a user going by the name Kamau. While seeming to admonish the former governor for exposing Mary Nkatha in a compromising situation, Kamau claimed that as a matter of fact, Primrose has a burning desire to leave Sonko but is afraid of doing so. The reason, Kamau shared, is because she is terrified of all the demeaning videos that Sonko has of her which he will readily release. He wrote,
Replying to
Wife wa Sonko huwa anaogopa kumdivorce because zile clips tutamwagiwa huku…

Merry Nkatha, the woman involved in the trending videos and tape recordings leaked by the Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, has since claimed that she was forced at gunpoint to implicate Nairobi Governor Anne Kananu and Justice Said Chitembwe.

While recording statement at Karen Police Station on Monday, Nkatha said she was kidnapped by heavily armed men who gave her a written script to respond to a phone call by Sonko.
‘They ordered me to read what was written on paper when responding to Sonko’s call at gunpoint,” Nkatha stated.

Nkatha also told the police that her life is in danger following the leakage that made grievous allegations about Kananu, Justice Chitembwe alongside other judges in the judiciary.

“On Saturday night I was kidnapped by people I know , I later reported the matter to the police on Sunday under OB 14/21/11/21. The Police promised to look into the matter however, all I am asking for is security, since he has been threatening me,” Nkatha stated.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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