Malala scandalously accuses Washiali and Khalwale of bedroom mischief in houses of Indian investors

This past week saw an escalation of accusations and insinuations that not only risked spiraling out of control, but even went as far as forcing the media-shy billionaire, Narendra Raval to withdraw his offer of 5 billion for leasing of the Mumias Sugar Company.

The Kakamega senator Cleophas Malala led a spirited and sustained attack on the decision by the Kenya Commercial Bank, which put the company under receivership, to offer a direct lease to Raval’s Devki Group of Companies.


In a widely spread video which was shot by his in-house press services, Cleophas Malala Press,CMP, and shared on his online handles, the Kakamega senator launched a scathing attack on his predecessor Bonny Khalwale, Mumias East legislator Benjamin Washiali and Lugari member of parliament Ayub Sabula.


Accusing them of being behind efforts to hand the miller’s lease to Devki, he wondered how the three could be responsible for identifying a sugar investor, yet they had presided over the failing of Mumias Sugar Company.


He said that he wasn’t claiming that Devki had issues but rather, that if any leader had an opinion regarding the bidding process for the miller’s lease, then he or she was supposed to air his views in front of the public like he, Malala, had done instead of doing like the three, who were conducting shady businesses in the bedrooms of their favoured investors.


The Devki Group of Companies withdrew It’s bid to lease Mumias Sugar Company on Friday following a statement by the group’s chairman Narendra Raval.

The Group had expressed interest in reviving the miller following an invitation by the receiver manager

“However, given the ongoing public interest which the matter has attracted and the call for a publicly run bidding exercise, we have found it worthwhile to take out our application,” he said, adding that the group will express interest should the exercise be conducted in consultation with all stakeholders.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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