Major clash expected today between Uhuru and Raila

Ever since the March 9th 2018 Handshake, the union between Uhuru and Raila has undergone major tests. There have been times when Raila’s camp or Uhuru’s camp has issued worrying statements that have appeared to announce the end of the two politicians’ honeymoon. Nevertheless, each time, the two have found a way to iron out their issues and maintain their unexpected camaraderie. Most famous of these was when the president drove himself to Raila’s home to salvage their friendship, an action that stopped Raila’s trip to Kibra where it was rumoured he would have made a major devastating announcement. Reports of this incident broke on 1st April this year, and most thought it was a Fool’s Day prank. Today, however, another huge standoff is expected between the two, and it remains to be seen whether they will survive this one.

While Uhuru is serving his final term and has the luxury of instituting unpopular policies, Raila, on the other hand, is seemingly still a presidential hopeful, and can’t afford to annoy Kenyans.
Uhuru’s government is strapped for cash and he has been ready to go to all lengths to increase income. Among these has been increasing fuel levies, which has increased fuel prices.

Raila, on the other hand, sees this as dangerous for his ambitions, and today, Gladys Wanga, as head of the National Assembly’s Finance Committee is expected to lead MPs into reducing the fuel taxes, something that will bring down the price.

Ukur Yattani has warned against this, claiming that reduction of fuel prices will result in decreased revenue for the government.

Despite this, both Uhuru’s and Raila’s camp, headed by Yattani and Wanga respectively, haven’t shown any sign of retreating and are headed for a major clash today.

The Homa Bay Woman Representative Gladys Wanga-led team has proposed to reduce the Petroleum Development Levy charged on each litre of Super Petrol and Diesel from Sh5.40 to Sh2.90.

MPs have consequently proposed the revocation of the Petroleum Development Levy Order, 2020 (Legal Notice No. 124 and 174 of 2020) which provides for the levy.

The committee has asked the plenary to amend the Petroleum Development Fund Act, 1991, by providing the Sh2.90 shall be charged to the levy per litre of Super Petrol and Diesel.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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