Magoha’s strange statement that implies Uhuru will still be around December next year


Whether Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha simply misspoke, or if it was a case of him blurting out a cabinet secret, will be clear as time goes by. One thing is, however, certain; the CS has likely opened a can of worms.


For a while now, a bubbling debate that has been boiling beneath the surface is why it was such a do or die affair for president Uhuru to appoint Fatuma Chege as PS for the State Department for Implementation of Curriculum. After Fatuma Chege was unable to pass through parliament following a joint effort by Ruto and Raila allied MPs to block her nomination, Uhuru bypassed parliament to gazette her nomination, and subsequently appoint her.


During his press briefing, after releasing the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education results, CS Magoha began outlining next year’s academic program. He explained that the national exams, which were expected to be done this year would be done next year. However, the exams that were to be done next year will still be done next year too (2022).

In addition to this, Magoha said that the first bunch of the new Competency Based Curriculum, (CBC), would sit for the inaugural grade 6 exams in December next year. Then Magoha went ahead to curiously emphasise that PS Fatuma Chege who had been appointed by Uhuru would be there to oversee and conduct the exam, since she is in charge of the CBC.


Going by the present program, it is expected that after August next year, Uhuru will be vacating office with his entire cabinet. The only people expected to continue holding office under the new president, even after Uhuru’s departure, are Constitutional office holders such as the Attorney General and the Chief of the Kenya Defence Forces.


The only way Uhuru’s Ministers can continue serving, is if Uhuru’s term is extended.[0]=AT0lnS1GE2ITPU8qCLxSnuG9HVFSXJnrbtoR7OMduzZzLiq4xQZvMyvj4gq3kyrXVxV5eG6H1grnvgvG1OZ38rilhUGyG05qcxlkpLYDXGmqvQFkSxjTAjp2E35wKLxYrbcCM4zova9r53pemeCUAFl3OJFkY3Bn14WCtHD5ZI-P7nqGmPGgwtT8R4wvRSGV-wBgIH47

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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