Luo rapper reveal that he spent Ksh. 3 Million on music video.

Obscene Luo rapper philip Patroba Okoyo, stage name Japesa, has  garnered much public traction after he revealed that he spent Ksh. 3 Million on his latest Music video shot in the US.

The rapper,Who is currently flying with his ‘Too much Ice’ song says that he had to spend all that money inorder to make the video a succes.

“Nimefanya Ohangla rap, hakuna mtu amewahi fanya Ohangla rap hii Kenya the first one is me and probably the last one. Sasa wewe enda ti uchambua hiyo ngoma uone kama the boy amewaste ama hajawaste. Video nimefanya majuu sasa unajua tu Amerika na imenicost million tatu,” Said Japesa

The song, ” Ndesna” that was released earlier last week on You Tube has only garnered 9,000 views so far. The setting and the Vixen however tells a different story on the cost of the video.

Japesa being a controversial man has led several of his fan to doubt on the cost of the video.

Earlier,the obscene rapper also took to his social media pages that he had been ordered to pay a one million shilling fine in order to procure his release after he had alleged of been  arrested following insulting comments he made to president Uhuru Kenyatta on his Instagram account

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    Written by Pauline Nabwire

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