Looming showdown in Bonchari by-election between ODM and Jubilee as the ruling party unveils its candidate

The Jubilee Party has unveiled its preferred candidate for the upcoming Bonchari parliamentary by-election scheduled for May, 18, 2021.

The ruling party has announced that it would back the former Bochari Member of Parliament, Zebedeo Opore for the Bonchari by-election parliamentary contest.

According to political analyst, the move could renew the political rivalry between the President Uhuru’s Jubilee party and Raila’s Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

The Orange party had settled on the former Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority Director General, Pavel Oimeke who resigned following corruption allegation case.

Mr. Oimeke emerged as the favorite in the race that had attracted three candidates, including immediate former Kisii County Executive Committee member for water, John Momanyi and businessman David Ogega.

The ruling and Opposition parties have been enjoying a good working relationship since the handshake between President Uhuru and ODM leader, Raila Odinga.

The Jubilee party Vice Chairperson David Murathe stated that any party can field a candidate for the Bonchari seat since none of the two parties held the vacant Bonchari parliamentary seat.

“The fielding of candidates by ODM and Jubilee will not scuttle the handshake because none of the two parties held the seat. It is up for grabs,” Murathe stated.

Deputy President William Ruto’s UDA party had nominated Oyioka’s widow Teresa Bitutu for the Bonchari seat.

Bonchari seat was declared vacant following the death of Member of Parliament Oroo Oyioka, who was elected on the People’s Democratic Party.

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi




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