List of multi-million properties governor Mutua lost in first divorce and those he might lose

Back in August 2019, while responding to claims by former Machakos Senator Johnston Muthama that he had swindled money meant for buying ambulances, Machakos governor Dr Alfred Mutua declared that he was too rich to steal county funds, and disclosed that he first made 25 million at 19 years, before making another 11 million soon after opening his Golden Dreams Company. He then went ahead to list his properties which included much more than just the well known A and L hotel.


It is now the case that divorces are turning out to be quite expensive undertakings for Machakos governor Alfred Mutua. Barely five years after his divorce from his first wife Josephine Thitu Mutua, the country was stunned with news that he had once again parted ways wife Lilian Nganga Mutua who has previously held the post of Machakos first lady by virtue of being Dr. Mutua’s wife.
A rundown of the multi-million shilling properties that the governor has lost in the past, and stands to lose following his divorce from Lilian shows just how much his repeated divorces are taking a toll on the his wallet.


Back in 2018 Judge Justice William Musyoka not only dismissed the suit that Dr Mutua had lodged seeking division of the property acquired during his marriage to Josephine, but also condemned him to pay her costs of the suit.
In a ruling in favour of Ms Thitu, a pharmacist, the judge declared that the contested issues had been resolved in a different suit.

The two got married on July 1, 2000 but parted ways over irreconcilable differences on August 19, 2015.

The properties included plots in Mavoko town, Iveti Hills, Kamulu in the outskirts of Nairobi, a plot in Malili and three others in Simisi/Ilamba in Kitui.

It also includes their matrimonial home, only indicated as LR No 7158/32 (IR No 108085/1) and which Thitu claimed Dr Mutua transferred to her after he fled the home in 2013, the same year he was elected governor.

The judge said there were orders made with respect to some assets, including the matrimonial property.
“It was ordered that for LR No 7158/32 (IR No 108085/1), both parties have equal rights to it, and any transfer or division thereof would be by consent and agreement of the parties or after determination of the status of the marriage or separation of the parties,” the judge said.
After a review by same court, the judge said, it was ordered that LR No 7158/32 (IR No 108085/1), Mavoko Town Block 3/3161 and Mavoko Town Block 3/3162, remain in the exclusive ownership of Thitu.

At the heart of a possible legal property tussle between Governor Mutua and his now ex-wife is a luxurious high-end hotel in Machakos named A and L, and believed to me named after the ex-couples initials. Back in 2019 he also boasted of owning apartments in Nairobi.
Apart from these two, Dr. Mutua is the proud owner of an aviation company too. He is also widely known to be the proprietor of Woni TV.

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