List of 54 Countries that have issued travel restrictions from Kenya

In a move to protect their Citizens from the new variant of Coronavirus, a record 54 Countries across the globe have issues travel restrictions to holders of the Kenya passports to their Countries.

The move follows the enactment of new regulations by the countries against the new anticipated new wave in the Country to protect its Citizens.

According to the Henley Passport Index, which has been monitoring the world’s most travel-friendly passports since 2006 disclosed that the move by the states and how the pandemic has affected travel in the countries.

Amon the 54 top countries that have initiated the move includes, Belgium, Australia, Argentina, Cambodia, UK, Canada, Portugal, Denmark, Bulgaria, and Singapore.

Others also doing the same include Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Chile, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Ireland, Kuwait, Pakistan, Brunei Thailand and Cameroon.

The move comes as fear continue gripping of the new and contagious Delta Variant of the Pandemic may hit the Country in the next two months, according to the Ministry of Health predictions.

Reports indicate that the rapidly transmissible variant that was first discovered in India has since reached the Western part of the Country.

The government has since put measures to curb the transfer of the variant to other parts of the Country with travel restrictions already initiated in the area coupled with 7 PM to 4 AM curfew.

“Borders remain firmly closed in several countries including Australia, Canada, and New Zealand while many others continue to ban travelers from high risk regions,” the Henley and Partners report noted.

Kenya has so far not reacted to the restrictions, with the the number of countries Kenyans can visit without a visa currently dropping from 79 in December last year, 64 in quarter two this year to 59 caused by the pandemic restrictions.

This comes as the return of the full international travel in the Country continues to be threatened by the coronavirus pandemic.

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    Written by Fred Orido

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