Linus Kaikai painfully recounts his dead brother’s final moments after Covid-19 struck his family [Video]

Award-winning Citizen TV journalist Linus Kaikai has opened up on his brother’s death, revealing what caused his death.

Kaikai revealed that his brother, Maurice Kaikai who was serving as Kajiado’s County Attorney succumbed to Covid-19.

He was recounting the final moments which eventually led to his brother’s death during his Kaikai Kicker show in which he described Covid-19 as an aggressive respiratory disease that killed his brother as he watched helplessly.

“Covid-19 is an aggressive respiratory disease. I watched in an agony as my brother struggled to breathe with the heavy stream of oxygen that translated too little help for his struggling lungs,” Kaikai narrated.

He commended the frontline health workers for their tireless work to save people lives. He also sympathized with them over their poor working conditions and lack of PPEs.

“I commend the frontline health workers who work tirelessly to look after patients and it pains me to see them complain of poor working conditions such as lack of PPEs,” Kaikai noted.

Kaikai pleaded with Kenyans and the Government to accord the frontline health workers with the necessary support to enable the continue performing their duties.

“I call on my fellow Kenyans and the government to please give medical personnel the support, peace of mind and the professional space to perform their noble life-saving duties,” Kaikai stated.

He also lamented on the graveside burial protocol of the patients who dies of Covid-19, claiming that he doesn’t understand.

“I was puzzled rather than enlightened by a rather brief but dramatized burial that I did not know what to think of until it is explained to me,” he stated.

He further advised Kenyans on stigmatization of the corona virus stating that the virus can affect anyone but not through immoral behavior.

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