Linus Kai kai’s Witty Response To Media CEO Who Questioned His Interview Skills

Citizen Television’s Linus KaiKai gave Asmali Media founder and CEO Ahmed Mohamed alias Asmali a treat of his own medicine following the media boss’s accusations of being ill-prepared for an interview with Businessman Jimi Wanjigi on Sunday night.

Taking online on his Twitter handle, Asmali claimed that that Kaikai did not make reference to Wanjigi’s family’s political background during the yesterday’s interview, boiling down to poor interviewing skills.

Linus Kaikai didn’t even bother to research that Wanjigi grew up around politics. His father, Maina Wanjigi served as an MP for Kamukunji and Cabinet Minister in Kenya’s first two Cabinets. That he’s an alumnus of St. Mary’s School. Selling him as a hustler is a betrayal,” the Twitter bigwig and PR and communication specialist lashed out.

In a quick rejoinder, the celebrated Citizen Television journalist had a witty clap back, in which he asked the media CEO a rhetorical about his father.

Eero Ahmed, how would you feel if your driving skills were judged by how well your father rode camels?” the Citizen TV Director of Innovation posted back.

The seemingly beaten Asmali then ate a humble pie, thereby there by sharing a photo of the two together to put aside their differences.

My friend Linus is a good journalist by the way,” posted the self-proclaimed mayor of Eastleigh who enjoys over 295,000 followers on Twitter.

This is after the journalist in an hour-long interview asked Wanjigi about his association with past government and the roles he played behind the scenes as well as his ambition to succeed president Uhuru Kenyatta as the fifth President.

During the interview, Wanjigi also explained why the assortment of firearms were found at his home when the police carried out a raid at his residence.

Those are licensed weapons, licensed by the govt. I am no different to other Kenyans with licenses. I do not carry the weapons on me. I am not a fan of guns at all,” the tycoon responded.

Wanjigi also spilled the beans that the SGR was supposed to cast the taxpayer a sum of 55 Billion from Mombasa to Malaba, with so far 300 Billion spent currently.

SGR became a government project, the intention was for it to be a public-private partnership. The Chinese had given money, I suggested it be re-allocated to roads. I am a businessman, I want to make money. The debt we have of the railway is phenomenal.

After 2013, the SGR became a project not worth Ksh. 55B between Mombasa & Malaba and became over Ksh. 330 B from Mombasa to Nairobi. The intention was not to take taxpayers money for the project,” he explained.



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