Lilian Nganga Mutua; Kenya’s mysterious Femme Fatale

Perhaps the most intriguing and interesting part about the whole Lilian Nganga Mutua story is the incredible irony that despite the fact she’s probably the most famous and talked about woman in Kenya at the moment, no one even knows her second name. She continues to use ”Nganga Mutua” as her other names, although these names belong to Governor Alfred Nganga Mutua. This has led to people mistakenly baptising her with the Kikuyu name Ng’ang’a, and calling her Lilian Ng’ang’a.

This bears a stark contrast to Dr. Alfred Nganga Mutua’s first wife, Josephine. Although she also use her husband’s name Mutua, she kept her identity, and her other names, Thitu Maundu, are well known. Her educational and professional background is documented and well-known too. She has studied in the medical field, and is currently among the management of a health organisation known as Afya Afrique.

Lillian’s case couldn’t be more different. Little is known of her life prior to becoming the Machakos First Lady, and she appears not to have an identity separate from that of her former spouse. Though yet to be confirmed, there are rumours that she previously worked as an Air Hostess, and that this is how they met with Governor Mutua.

Interestingly, while keeping her private life of the public, she has consistently been on the radar for a while now. She first gained prominence as Governor Mutua’s lovely young lady following his divorce, and was constantly seen by his side. More recently, she caused a stir online after posting photos of herself dressed scantily in a bikini, something some felt was beneath a county first lady.

Then came news of her divorce from Dr. Alfred Mutua, which nobody is even sure whether or not it was a divorce to begin with. Details of their union remain scanty, and no one knows whether it was an actual marriage, or just a romantic arrangement.

Lilian is currently in the headlines after publicly admitting to being in a relationship with Hip-hop artiste Julius Owino, popularly known as Juliani.

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