Lilian Muli’s reaction after endorsement for MP

Media personality and Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli expressed her happiness at a fan who fronted her for a Member of Parliament position back in her Mwala Constituency of Machakos County.

While on a Thursday newscast the TV lady shared a screenshot of a Facebook post made by one Empirer Kithu, urging the Mwala Constituency to start warming up for their MP.

“People from Mwala get used to your next Mp 2022 @lilianmulikanene” read the Facebook Post.

The statement was shared through a Facebook group called” Mwala Constituency University and College Students Development Forum” with over 5.7K members.

Muli was very delighted on learning that there were people out there who think positive and good of her and reverted back expressing her gratitude to all who wish her well.

“Someone just sent me this. Glad to see there are people out there who think so good of me” reacted Ms. Muli.

This attracted myriads of reactions from the netizens encouraging her to her popularity by rising to the occasion.

Below are the reactions.

holydavemuthengi “Niaje Mhesh”

ian.mbugua “I say, why not???”

triciajuma “Why not,,, go for it”

thyaka.e.mutuku “Offcourse this one am voting”

pkilosh “Mweshimiwa Nzisa Muli”

cleophasmuthama “Kuja tukupee kura…our very able incoming Mp????

thomasgohard “It’s about time honey ??.. let’s do this ??

fridah_ndegwa “Yes,, you can do it”

joycemoses583 ‘Lete chama tuanzie kampeni???

ms.chero “Go for it girl??.You deserve that seat”

n_ivycaroline “You can absolutely do it.?

tetyoo_tornado “Mheshimiwa Lilian Muli”

alialudah “You fit that’s a call..enda ukawapiganie maendeleo”

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    Written by Fred Orido

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