Leonard Mambo Mbotela on Patanisho

Leonard Mambo Mbotela is, by all means, a legend. For decades and decades, he has not only entertained but also educated generations upon generations with his popular radio show “Je huu ni ungwana?” Even in times of upheaval when the country has marked milestones, like the infamous aborted coup of 1982, he was in the thick of things. This time however, Mambo Mbotela found himself in the thick of something that ordinarily wouldn’t be mentioned in the same breathe with a name as iconic as his; Radio Jambo’s Patanisho show.

Just to put things into context, Patanisho is a segment within the popular Radio Jambo morning show known as Gidi na Ghost Asubuhi, and is run by Gidi and the former National football team head coach, Jacob Ghost Mulee. It basically invites callers to send in problems they may be having concerning broken relationships, from romantic ones, familial, to even professional relationships. The hosts usually take it upon themselves to mediate on behalf of the caller, and seek forgiveness or understanding from the aggrieved party.

In this particular case, immediately it clocked time for Patanisho, Jacob Ghost Mulee who is currently hosting the show alone while his co-host Gidi is away briefly, made a rather shocking revelation. He informed listeners that the legendary Leonard Mambo Mbotela had just sent a message informing him that he was tuned in and keenly following the program. While it was a shock to many, it was more so to Jacob Ghost Mulee himself. Somewhat of a pleasant surprise, it was widely unexpected that such a prominent figure would listen to a show that borders on eavesdropping and scandal.

All in all, a humbled Ghost thanked Mambo Mbotela for finding time to tune in to his show, and confessed that it was an honour for him to have the veteran broadcaster as one of his listeners. Unfortunately for everyone, Ghost went a little bit too far and tried doing an impression of Leonard Mambo Mbotela. It was a crappy performance, for lack of a worse word.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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