Ledama Ole Kina: Rebel without a cause or the making of a new Maasai kingpin?

Narok Senator

He is eloquent and brave, brutally honest and spots long hair like the legendary Maa leader William Ole Ntimama. He has cut a niche as an ardent defender and protector of Maasai community interests at the national level and proudly wears it like a badge of honor. This is Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina in his element.

”I am involved in a quest for integrity, truth & decency guided by a deep traditional/ modern spiritual fortitude for the Maa Nation. Those being displaced from their lands/territories by avarice have a voice. This is their voice. Let’s all be equal. We are children of one God,” reads one of tweet from the youthful Senator who has attracted the nation’s attention.

Senator Ole Kina a first time legislator whose political star is already eclipsing veteran politicians from the Maa nation is highly educated but also a firm believer in Maa traditions and culture. This is what makes him stand out and feared. He cuts the figure of a modern day Maa revolutionary armed with all the right tools to liberate his people from years state alienation. During his long political career, Ntimama distinguished himself as a great agitator and defender of Maasai rights. As a result, he gained unrivaled popularity among the people of his community to become one of the most influential Masaai leaders. Senator Ole Kina is on the same path, fiercely so.

Both Ntimama and Ole Kina studied abroad and came back to the country to serve their people. Whereas the late Ntimama went to Oxford University and studied law, Ole Kina studied in the United States where he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and English Communication from The University of Massachusetts in Boston in 2002.

” When I stood and looked at Kenya and Said Enough! We must protect Mau Forest everyone called me a Warlord, in the end everyone agreed with me and we saved Mau Forest! Now when I speak about Maasai Land & Land use policy some call me a Tribalist! This one again we shall triumph,” Senator Ole Kina opines.

Have the times changed and the Narok Senator is a rebel without a cause? Could the current events be pointing to a an emerging kingpin and the only worthy replacement to try fit into William Ole Ntimama’s shoes? Only time will tell.

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