Lawyer Paul Mwangi makes shocking claims of Mutunga and an underground secret society

Former BBI taskforce joint secretary and lawyer Paul Mwangi is a man not known to be given to sensational statements or wild accusations.

However, yesterday, and in a clear signal of the direction that the pro-BBI team intends to take as they argue against last week’s devastating ruling to the initiative by a five-member Judges bench, Paul Mwangi made some shocking and unbelievable accusations against a former CJ in particular, and the Judiciary in general.

Paul Mwangi said that, so far, Kenya had witnessed three Judicial dispensations. The first one was right after independence, and the second one, he stated, was in the early 90s at around the time there was clamour for multi-party.

He said that the second dispensation was led by the late Chesoni, and was characterised by widespread corruption which seeped into, and permeated throughout the whole Judiciary. 

He was speaking on Citizen TV alongside Nelson Havi, during an interview with Waihiga Mwaura.

He finished by speaking of the third dispensation that happened under Willy Mutunga.

He said that Mutunga was an unapologetic activist, and after his retirement, he joined forces with an obscure radical activists group known as The Defenders Coalition.


Paul Mwangi cites an August 13th 2019 event that was held as the Serena Hotel. Mwangi said that the meeting’s banner read, “Wrestle power from politicians”.

Paul Mwangi asserted that the main aim of the meeting, and the group generally, was to embark on a radical multi-sectorial activist campaign. He said that the group comprised of professionals who spanned from various sectors, and their motto was to shelve neutrality in pursuit of activism. Also amongst the agenda was to execute a power grab from the country’s elected leaders.


He went ahead to say that all this was online and could be verified by looking at the group’s website. He concluded by saying that looking at the activist nature of the recent court ruling, and the blatant lack of impartiality, it is likely that Mutunga’s movement may have permeated the Judiciary

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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