Late Senator Mutula Kilonzo was approached by ICC to be a key witness in a case against William Ruto

The late Senator Mutula Kilonzo

The surrender of Lawyer Paul Gicheru to the ICC continue to grow into a huge national conversation, which could resurrect the ICC ghosts. In a never seen before footage doing rounds on social media, the late Senator Mutula Kilonzo is seen talking to the ICC representatives, expressing his disgust at which innocent Kikuyus and Kambas were locked up in a church, together with their women and children and burnt to death, as their attackers watched. The late Mutula Kilonzo narrates to the ICC representatives how a two-year-old girl was snatched from her mother and thrown into raging fire in the Kiambaa church massacre in 2008.

”What has happened in the country in the past few days is totally unacceptable and unforgivable,” the late Mutula says.

Close associates of lawyer Paul Gicheru say he was privy to details of the killing of the late Senator Mutula Kilonzo and that it had everything with the ICC cases. Before his demise, the late Senator had vowed to do everything in his power to ensure innocent Kenyans who were burnt in a church in Eldoret get justice, no matter how long it takes. The late Mutula Kilonzo was approached to be a key witness in the case against Deputy President William Ruto.

On 27 April 2013, Mutula Kilonzo, who was serving as the first Senator of Makueni County, died at his ranch in Maanzoni, Machakos County. A requiem mass was held at the Nairobi Baptist Church in Nairobi on 8 May, followed by his burial at his home village in Makueni County, in line with his wishes.

A postmortem into Kilonzo’s death found “serious internal bleeding characteristic with poisoning” according to reports. However, in late 2014, an inquest was launched after it emerged that toxicology samples to establish the source of the poisoning had been tampered with. The inquest is still going on.

In June 2017, an official government report on Kilonzo’s death was released, citing “massive hemorrhage into the chest and cranial cavity” as the cause of death.

DP William Ruto and radio broadcaster Joshua Sang were charged by the ICC with orchestrating crimes against humanity during violence that followed disputed presidential elections in 2007. The Ruto/Sang trial opened in September 2013 and in April 2016, ICC judges ended the trial due to a lack of evidence, with the ICC prosecutor alleging widespread witness-tampering. Judges said the case may reopen should further evidence come to light.

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