Late night news: Fresh details emerge as experts deliver disgusting news on Sankok’s son death


The son of nominated MP David Sankok will be buried on Saturday, following the conclusion of a second autopsy on Friday.

Chief Government pathologist Johansen Oduor on Friday said Memusi Sankok died of a single gunshot to the head.

The initial autopsy had not established the type of gun used and the range.Memusi will be buried in Ewaso Nyiro, Narok.

Mwenda Ethaiba, the chief investigating officer, said it had completed its field work and a final report would be made.

The initial autopsy was conducted on May 3.

It showed that Memusi’s death was caused by a bullet that entered through his chin and exited at the top of his head.

The legislator in Narok, interrogating family members and staff as they try to piece together Memusi’s last moments.

On Saturday, sleuths were back again but did not record statements from the family. They walked around the compound and left.

They had also visited the scene last week Thursday.

The officers said there were “inconsistencies” noticed in earlier statements, hence the need to revisit the scene.

This is in regard to who was in the house when Memusi allegedly shot himself dead.

The team has so far recorded statements from at least 10 people, including Sankok, his wife, children and workers.

It was while going through the statements that they detected inconsistencies.

The probe file will be sent to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions with various recommendations for action.

Focus has shifted to ballistic analysis of two guns belonging to Sankok.

Police took his shotgun and Ceska pistol found in the house for analysis and examination.

It is claimed the boy used the shotgun to shoot himself.

Detectives want to understand how Memusi could handle the shotgun and shoot himself in the chin.

They will be seeking to establish whether the bullet head recovered at the scene was shot from the firearm.

They will also be keen to match the fingerprints on the trigger of the shotgun to the deceased. MP Sankok is a licensed firearm holder.

It is alleged that the legislator differed with his son over his delay in reporting back to school before a verbal altercation ensued between them.

His son, who was angry at the time, is suspected to have gone for the shotgun in a safe and used it to shoot himself.

Police are planning to recommend that Sankok be charged with negligence in handling his firearm. A licensed firearm holder is always supposed to ensure the safety of their gun.

Memusi was a Form Three student at Kericho High School.

According to the family, he was to return to school on April 29.

“He instead disappeared from the home and only returned on May 1,” a family friend said.

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    Written by Paul Nyongesa

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