Laikipia Kikuyus to Government; stop protecting us if you won’t also protect our Kisii brothers!

In a touching and heartfelt plea that brought forth the love and care which Kenyans hold for each other despite the political differences that sometimes divide the country, Kikuyus in Laikipia County stood in solidarity with the Kisii community following raids in the county. This comes against the backdrop of deadly attacks in the Kisii Ndogo settlement within Ol Moran, which has seen about ten people lose their lives. The unrest is said to be ethnically motivated, and had mainly been directed towards the Abagusii community.

Speaking to one of the country’s leading media houses, a neighbour of the settlement scheme, and who is from the Kikuyu community, called on the government to employ its most sophisticated machinery, even if it means tanks and night vision equipment. He said that everybody knows where the warriors that are causing mayhem hide and where they go to rearm. He even urged the media to go there and expose them, before telling the government that if it will keep protecting them where they live within Laikipia, but yet ignore the plight of the Kisiis and leave them to their own devices, then they may as well altogether stop protecting them too. In the heartwarming show of solidarity, he reiterated that it was meaningless for the government to protect only some and neglect others, yet all of them are citizens.


Reports say that the attacks, which are allegedly being carried out by warriors coming from the county’s indigenous community, were sparked by the arrests of two people who were accused of being engaged in incitement and instigating violence. Victims of the attacks have said that during the raids, the warriors openly say unless the two are released, then the attacks shall continue.
It wasn’t made clear why a certain ethnic group in the county would be held responsible for the arrests of civilians by the government.

The Kisii Ndogo settlement is a relatively expansive area within the county, and stretches over a space of 600 hundred acres. Other reports say that the warriors have been claiming the land belongs to them for grazing, and no body else.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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