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A common saying among Thika Road residents is that TRM is the KenCom of Roysambu. That’s to say, it is the suitable meeting place for people. The rendezvous of choice. I’ll be waiting for you outside TRM.

However, early this year before the Corona virus arrived in the country, already, use of the mall entrance as a convenient meeting place was becoming more and more ill-advised.

The problem had been that the place had increasingly begun being used as a favourite section by ladies of the night to display their wares. A red light district of sorts. A couple of descent women had complained about receiving catcalls from randy drive-by tricks who had seen them standing there in the early dark hours of dusk. At first people couldn’t understand what was going on, then when they saw the increasing number of scantily dressed young women each evening, they easily put two and two together.

Then Corona happened. Bars were closed, eateries’ operations were restricted and a curfew was imposed. This had the automatic effect of stamping out the illicit sexual trade that had begun outside TRM.

However, as the country reopens, this problem is again resurfacing. Ladies of the night are again marking their territory outside the famous mall, and this is making everyone else uncomfortable. Earlier, before Corona, residents were thinking of petitioning their MCA to push the County Government to act. Now, Nairobi effectively has no county government, and they don’t know if the Major General has the will to chase after call girls.

For now, it’s advisable for women to avoid loitering around the TRM entrance past 7PM unless they’re dressed in long Mother’s Union skirts and head wrappers to avoid giving the wrong impression. Men too should keep off such areas, lest they’re taken for window-shoppers.

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