Kutuny speaks on DP Ruto’s removal a day after being appointed jubilee party deputy secretary-general

Barely a day after ascending to the position of Jubilee Party Deputy Secretary-general replacing DP Ruto ardent supporter and Soy legislator Caleb Kositany,  Joshua Kutuny has talked of Impeaching DP Ruto.

While speaking to the star, the Cherangany Member of Parliament said that though he has not been in the deep party involvements, with plans about the DP ouster, but would not fail in his mandate.

“At the moment I am not aware of any plans to remove the Deputy President. I have not been at the center stage of party matters. I do not want to speculate more on what the party has been having and what the party organ has been working on,” he told the Star in a phone interview.

The new Jubilee party Deputy secretary-general noted that he is in full support of the, and agrees totally with those supporting the removal of members who undermine the Presidency.

“I am not aware of any disciplinary action (against Ruto) though I am in agreement with those who are saying that we need to crack the whip on these people who have been deliberately  undermining the party leader’s efforts.”

Kutuny replaced Caleb Kositany the DP Ruto defacto spokesperson as the new party deputy SG on March 1st, 2021 in a press statement read by the party secretary-general Raphael Tuju.

Kositany’s ouster came days after the party Deputy Chairman David Murathe had talked of his fate, with the DP’s eviction from his official residence allegedly in the pipeline.

“The eviction party of the hustler mansion is loading—that one you can take to the bank. Very soon there will be an eviction party from the hustler mansion in Karen and I can assure you it is loading,” Murathe said during an interview with KTN last Thursday.

Kutuny further confirmed that he is on standby waiting for further directions on the party dissidents.

“I am waiting for induction and to be updated and be informed on what the party has been planning against anyone who has been defying the President’s orders,” he said.

He blamed the party woes on the DP, adding that he has continuously ignored all the indications by the head of state to desist from early politics and further the coalition’s political agenda.

“The President said let us dichotomize these things into two- for about four years, let us work for wananchi, concentrate on service delivery to the people and then he said the last one or two years, then we can now plan our political succession,” he said.

He added, “The DP negated on what had been agreed on and he started undermining the President from the onset. So, I would not say there is any deterioration in the relationship between the President and the Deputy President but I would say, there is deliberate attempt to undermine the Head of State and his efforts ”.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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