Kuria Reveals The Shocking Amounts In Billions That The Taxpayers Will Pay Mps If BBI Passes

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria claims that the taxpayers will now have to part with Ksh 33.6 Billion to sustain the new number of members of parliament as proposed by the BBI report. Kuria alluded to a report by the Parliamentary Budget Office, that placed the amounts it currently takes the taxpayers to maintain each MP at Ksh 52.5 M.

Kuria argues that the Building Bridges Initiative Report will create additional parliamentarian positions and will allegedly push the number of MPs from 290 to 640. The report, as launched at the Bomas of Kenya, created newer constituencies raising the number from 290 to 360.

The latest allegation by the outspoken MP comes in the backdrop of his threat to back the BBI referendum NO team. Kuria advised President Uhuru Kenyatta to order the BBI Secretariat to infuse into the document, issues that affect ordinary Kenyans or else he will join the Catholic Church in opposing the BBI report. The President and is handshake partner former prime minister Raila Odinga launched the signature collection process that is viewed to be a kickoff of the referendum process.

The document is alleged to have been changed and has since addressed many issues that were raised by Deputy President William Ruto and his Tangatanga team. The Judiciary Ombudsman will now not be appointed by the President like before.

The head of state will nominate a candidate to the position and send the name to the senate for vetting. Ruto had argued that this would have threatened the independence of the judiciary. Ruto’s concerns about political parties playing a part in the appointment of the commissioners of the Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission, was also addressed. Political parties will now not select anybody to the IEBC.

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