Kuria; my relationship with the DP is above Rigathi’s pay grade

As the infighting within the tanga tanga wing of Jubilee edges closer to turning into a dirty all out war with each passing day, Gatundu South member of parliament Moses Kuria came inches close to publicly disclosing that Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua has been receiving kickbacks from the DP, but that the kickbacks which he himself receives are of a higher amount than those dished to Rigathi.

For a while now, the two Central Kenya legislators have been spoiling for a fight, with Rigathi having seemingly thrown the first salvo last week when he appeared to pour cold water on Kuria’s win in the recently held Juja by-election which his People’s Empowerment Party candidate, George Koimburi won with a huge margin.

Moses Kuria was speaking yesterday night on K24’s punchline which was hosted by Debarl Ainea. Other panelists on the show included analyst Benji Ndolo, and Ndaragwa MP, Jeremiah Kioni.

Debarl enquired from Kuria about his decision to pull out his party’s candidate from the forthcoming Kiambaa by-election, and whether it was occasioned by pressure, having been prevailed upon to stand down by Rigathi Gachagua.

In a feisty reply, Kuria began by empasizing his relationship with the Deputy President, referring to him as a very good friend of his. He then went ahead to make it clear that the only reason he withdrew his candidate from the race was because of an amicable understanding he had with the DP. He said that he interacts with William Ruto at a very high and exceptional level, which transcends somebody like Rigathi Gachagua, and that his relationship with the DP is above Rigathi’s pay grade.

It is alleged that at the heart of the infighting within the tanga tanga wing of Jubilee is the jostling amongst Central Kenya legislators for who will be picked by the DP as his running mate in the 2022 general elections. Among the top contenders are Rigathi, Kiunjuri and Moses Kuria.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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