Kumbe mayai za Ruto ni zile za 15 bob! A smart Kenyan makes an interesting discovery

In a quick-fire revelation of his wealth, DP Ruto disclosed that he has 200, 000 chicken which produce 150, 000 eggs a day, and this gives him 1.5 million daily. Through an impressive and amazing discovery that just went on to show the incredible observation ability of Kenyans, a quick-thinking fellow was able to calculate by the second, each of the figures that the DP dropped from his poultry farm, and quickly concluded that the eggs from the DP’s farm are not the usual ones that go for 10 shillings, and which are popular among hustlers, but rather, the more expensive ones.

In an online post by one of the country’s major media houses, the topic about the Deputy President’s wealth came up, and resulted in a flurry of comments, with some defending and praising him for having been able to amass so much wealth, while others criticised him for owning huge properties, yet hoodwinking Kenyans that he was poor. They also added that he had acquired his wealth through questionable dealings.

One user noticed that, if the Deputy President’s poultry farm produces 150, 000 eggs each day, and he is able to make 1.5 million shillings everyday from his egg sales, that would mean that each egg goes for 10 shillings.

Going further to explain his point, the user noted that if the suppliers bought them for ten shillings, this price was expected to keep increasing as the product changed hands, from distributors to others in the chain. He concluded by saying that the DP’s eggs must be the expensive ones that go for 15 shillings, and only bought by those with money.

Last week, while appearing before a parliamentary committee, Interior CS Dr. Fred Matiang’I opened the lid on a number of properties which he claimed, are owned by the DP. The DP has however since disowned the claims, saying thirty percent of the mentioned properties don’t belong to him. Some of the properties listed included two huge tracts of land in Laikipia County and Taita, two hotels located in prime properties, homes across the country and five helicopters. While dismissing this, the DP disclosed some of his properties, which included shares in companies, and a poultry farm.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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